Monday, 12 July 2010


I enjoy baking and it's a shame that not everyone does it. the lifestyle we lead has cost us so many traditions, knitting, baking, home-cooking. everything has turned into a world wind of timescales and deadlines. everybody needs everything right this very second. and it's not even that we don't have the time to do these things, but they're so far down on people's priority list that it's best to just take it to the dry-cleaners, or fill ourselves with manufactured flavours and put our money in the pocket of mr. kippo &his badselfs wife.

I'm not overly angry at this issue, and i understand that even if i was, there would be nothing i could do to change it.

anyway, dave has left for Morocco (infact, he left last tuesday) so on the monday before he left, alice and i baked ourselves stupid and filled the kitchen with cakes! &buns! &m&ms!

Lovely day <3!

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