Wednesday, 14 July 2010

big moan. :)!

Modern times

interestingly enough there's a mobile phone advert before this video is played. oh the irony.

i'm scared of the fact that maintaining a job, to enjoy life, can often be the very same thing that turns you into a nervous wreck and ruins everything that you're trying to build.
i'm scared of staying here, not seeing the world, albeit it's in a bit of a bogeyed state, but there is so so so much to be seen, and so many people to be met. imagine only ever meeting people from the town/village that you've grown up in your entire lives.
don't get me wrong, a sense of community is a wonderful thing, but to go to the same BBQs every summer, to see aunty jackie and uncle steve, to pass round this years holiday photos from Benidorm?! i just don't understand it.

people don't seem to want anything anymore, maybe they never did? maybe it's because i notice the people that i already feel like i'm leaving behind, people that i always imagined i would progress with. i don't want to be left behind. but i don't want to leave people behind. catch 22 or what lads?

i've possibly made a bad decision by choosing to study for my degree in Leeds, the course itself is awesome, there's some wonderful people, and the college has amazing facilities. but i enjoy meeting people, and i feel like there's just a caliber of people in leeds, they all go to the same bars, or they all hang out with the same friends, they all sleep with each other then get really angry and upset about it. squish fucking squish. when will these people wake up and smell reality? realise that noone cares about their boring stories about who said who's a bitch?! mindless boring freaks. these are the people that go to benidorm every year. the most depressing thing is, these people are so close.

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  1. herehere!
    screw the small things, the world is farrr too big!xx