Monday, 17 May 2010

today is absolutely fucking shite. ive only been up 2 hours and already it's shit.
what is it with taxi drivers and robbing you? why can't they just get a better job if the pay is shit?
they're cheeky, so fucking cheeky.

i don't feel like the collaboration is moving as fluently as it should be and there's only a week left.
we had high hopes of creating an installation, but it's just been set back after set back, whether that be the shit english weather or my accidents over the last few weeks, we just seem to be losing days and the project is due in on the 25th.

i have done no work whatsoever on my presentation, which accounts for 70% of the mark.
what is wrong with me?

my face makes me feel sick.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

it's got your name on it.

i've decided that thursdays are not good for me, first i got stood on by a stiletto. not cool.
then, the same foot got run over by a taxi, then i was scraped off the floor by two paramedics after giving myself concussion.

thursday is now painday.

how beautiful is my bullet?

Monday, 10 May 2010

second child syndrome.

i just saw a picture of my dad. :|

i don't know how i feel about this anymore.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


So, the project so far is going relatively well, the weather has completely messed up our plans for today, as we were going to spend the day recording audio up at Spring Hill, but taking extremely expensive recording equipment out in the rain, is probably not the best idea.

I was a little worried about the obstacles our area of choice would throw up at us, and an official letter from cheryl could put an end to the entire project all together, so we have decided that we will continue to 'trespass' until we get 'done' for it.

The main theme that we're looking to explore with this brief is 'abandonment' not necessarily the physical abandonment of the buildings/village, but the previous neglect of the youngsters who found themselves placed in such institutions. We will also be exploring current issues regarding child social services and the recent exploitation of failure to intervene.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

my mummy got married.

I've never done 'wedding photography' before and i was a little worried that they wouldn't be good enough to be 'the wedding photos' but to be honest, without blowing my own egg, i think theyre alright.

Me mam looked lovely, everyone looked lovely, the table looked lovely (thanks to our lass, alice gordo!) and the weather held up all day :)

Good shit.

this little lady is the mad notes, and successfully kept me sane through it all <3>, we're making jelly and ice cream tomorrow, and you're not. skit.