Tuesday, 29 June 2010


"The 350project promotes stronger local economies through support of independent retailers and the consumers who shop with them"

This is based in the US, and aims to promote spending your money in local, independent restaurants, bistros, retail stores etc. Of the money that is spent in independent stores, 68% comes back into the local area, where only 43% comes back when spent in larger, corporate stores.

I imagine the stats will be slightly different in the UK? But still, it's something for us all to consider, keep our local communities afloat. The produce at local business is of much higher quality too, and often a little more expensive, but these people have put elbow grease into their work, be it farming, dressmaking, or cooking up a good meal! So a little more appreciation and support for the hard working local business' please.

At least buy your bread from the local bakery, you know it's so much better.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Friday, 25 June 2010

This week has been so peaceful, no internet, no signal on my phone. Settle is such a beautiful little place, the roads, the drystone wall, the views, the sky, everything.
Twilight seemed to bring out our experimental side and we managed to capture some pretty awesome photos.

I also turned 22 whilst we were camping, which was larrrvley. Alice brought along some balloons for the tent, so, obviously we had the coolest tent in the field.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Good weather.

It's been a good few days, the weather is beautiful. &&!NOW. I'm off camping. Hoorah!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dave's 21st.

It's been a really beautiful day, the weather was good, the company was good &the surroundings were pretty good too.

Happy birthday Dave :)))


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

good skyyyyy.

wasn't expecting it at 2:30am.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

site specificity/collaboration.

So, the collaboration worked out well, it was a much more democratic process than my previous collaboration. Harriet and I have much of the same interests when it comes to areas of exploration through 'art &design' (i say 'art&design' because it feels weird to just say art&design) it's much more productive to have a good understand of each others ideas and thoughts, there seemed to be no situations where we had to come to a compromise, the ideas seemed to just bounce.

i managed to successfully bag a 1st, so that's worked out rather nicely, though thats for site specificity and the presentation, so the results for the collaboration are still to come! but i think i can safely say that i have passed my first year, unless i fail PPD, but they wanted a review, and i delivered a review, well within the deadline. but again, there was much more i wanted to do with the PPD. i wanted to hand in a small sketch pad, of thoughts and the process of putting the exhibition together, along with the chemical burns and sliced fingers i incurred whilst stripping janet's table. i failed at this, but the important part was the review. hurrah. well done.

anyway, this is what we dragged together =D!

the photo's aren't as good as i'd have hoped, but we don't have much space to take a clear full image, and we'd clocked about 72 hours in 4 days, and reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy didn't care towards the end. :)

Friday, 4 June 2010

"do we look like we're far right extremist nazis?!"

Young, British and angry.

i can't really begin to describe how i feel about this documentary, it's worrying that people will watch it and not see any bad in it, and won't see the racism. i understand that some people may genuinely not be racist, but the pressure group as a whole is disgusting. they claim to hate muslim extremists, yet they're fighting fire with fire. screaming through the streets of britain wearing balaclavas and shouting "dirty smelly pakis" is not racist or extreme? where do they come up with this logic?

it makes me really happy that we can discuss this and put our points across in an articulate manner, imagine having a group of friends where they all just screamed in agreeance E-E-EDL. that would be awful.

oh, and the answer is, yes.
So, its the end of the term pretty much and it's supposed to be summer, though there is no clear evidence of this as yet.

However, it's nice to be not at school everyday, being chemically burnt by nitro mors. I also managed to bag a 2;1 for contextual studies, so all is well. I was a little worried I would get a shit grade for contextual studies from the massive amount of shit surrounding the deadline, but turns out i did alright.

The results for our site specific and presentation are in the pigeon holes too, >.< i reeeeeaally wish they could email our results instead of 'oh, come to college to get them'

it's strange to be not at school though, because i have nothing to occupy my thoughts so i end up letting my mind run wild with crap that i don't particularly care/want to think about.

this was most probably pointless. but you're the one reading it, so skit. :))))