Friday, 4 June 2010

"do we look like we're far right extremist nazis?!"

Young, British and angry.

i can't really begin to describe how i feel about this documentary, it's worrying that people will watch it and not see any bad in it, and won't see the racism. i understand that some people may genuinely not be racist, but the pressure group as a whole is disgusting. they claim to hate muslim extremists, yet they're fighting fire with fire. screaming through the streets of britain wearing balaclavas and shouting "dirty smelly pakis" is not racist or extreme? where do they come up with this logic?

it makes me really happy that we can discuss this and put our points across in an articulate manner, imagine having a group of friends where they all just screamed in agreeance E-E-EDL. that would be awful.

oh, and the answer is, yes.

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