Saturday, 12 June 2010

site specificity/collaboration.

So, the collaboration worked out well, it was a much more democratic process than my previous collaboration. Harriet and I have much of the same interests when it comes to areas of exploration through 'art &design' (i say 'art&design' because it feels weird to just say art&design) it's much more productive to have a good understand of each others ideas and thoughts, there seemed to be no situations where we had to come to a compromise, the ideas seemed to just bounce.

i managed to successfully bag a 1st, so that's worked out rather nicely, though thats for site specificity and the presentation, so the results for the collaboration are still to come! but i think i can safely say that i have passed my first year, unless i fail PPD, but they wanted a review, and i delivered a review, well within the deadline. but again, there was much more i wanted to do with the PPD. i wanted to hand in a small sketch pad, of thoughts and the process of putting the exhibition together, along with the chemical burns and sliced fingers i incurred whilst stripping janet's table. i failed at this, but the important part was the review. hurrah. well done.

anyway, this is what we dragged together =D!

the photo's aren't as good as i'd have hoped, but we don't have much space to take a clear full image, and we'd clocked about 72 hours in 4 days, and reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy didn't care towards the end. :)

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