Friday, 4 June 2010

So, its the end of the term pretty much and it's supposed to be summer, though there is no clear evidence of this as yet.

However, it's nice to be not at school everyday, being chemically burnt by nitro mors. I also managed to bag a 2;1 for contextual studies, so all is well. I was a little worried I would get a shit grade for contextual studies from the massive amount of shit surrounding the deadline, but turns out i did alright.

The results for our site specific and presentation are in the pigeon holes too, >.< i reeeeeaally wish they could email our results instead of 'oh, come to college to get them'

it's strange to be not at school though, because i have nothing to occupy my thoughts so i end up letting my mind run wild with crap that i don't particularly care/want to think about.

this was most probably pointless. but you're the one reading it, so skit. :))))

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