Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

So fun & festivities are over and it’s back to the real world, essays and deadlines are pretty much draining me right now, along with a nice big dose of the flu. I refuse to let this flu/cold get the better of me, laying in bed all day crying about it is not for me, so with the help of Alice and Dave (though dave did just stand and laugh at all my ridiculous possessions) I have managed to gut my room and the shed. I have a proper work space! It’s beautiful. Bookcases and desks, it’s all happening for me.

There has been family parties, weddings and meals over Christmas and it’s amazing how differently you look at family dynamics when you’re older and wiser. The room becomes segregated, people don’t communicate and there’s an extremely awkward atmosphere. It’s strange how at Christmas we see it as a time to spend with family, yet we only speak to a small percentage of our families all year round and suddenly expect that to change once we’re all under one roof. As much as I enjoy the festive period, i’m glad that fake smiles and drab conversation are no more.

So it’s back to School on the 10th, which seemed so far away when we broke up, but now i’m falling into a state of panic, I still have a collaboration to orchestrate which i admit is terrifying the life out of me, the thought of approaching an outside body to ask for their commitment when i have no idea of the kind of work i’m looking to produce feels so wrong.


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