Sunday, 30 January 2011

Freedom is unquantifiable.

The OUAD202/203 brief is in, and the results should be here by monday/tuesday. To say that the project had been realised and that it had be taken as far as it could go would be a complete lie. Whilst I was writing the evaluation, i felt like the project was still in the research stages, i became massively submerged in theory and pretty much forgot that i was supposed to be “making something”. What’s all that about anyway? “Make something” there is nothing left to produce. Maybe i’ve just seen my arse, but i’m bored of seeing crap bits of crap that i’ve seen a million times before.

I guess the main reason for the lack of visual work is the fact that once i’d started to read and understand the theory, the practical work that i could have produced in the time scale seemed largely insignificant, perhaps i make too many connections and i rely on my mind to make jumps and leads, which is all fine and well on paper, but i struggle to turn that into something.

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