Saturday, 28 August 2010


The world is in a bogeyed state, and it seems that whatever measure is taken things only seems to get worse, people are not striving for peace, they're not striving for a balance or interdependence (which realistically, we should be? we're all in it together, right?), they aim for money, power, sovereignty, without the realisation that this is impossible. Since the enlightenment and industrialisation we seem to have just built and built on hypocrisy, everything that is said or every action taken seems to be a contradiction to what they claim to be aiming for.

We don't want world war 3, but there's psychological warfare, breaking down our hearts and trust, resulting in us being backed into corners and agreeing to anything that they throw our way.

Take 9/11 for example, the constitution battled for a homeland security for years and this wasn't granted due to various states, whoever they may be rejecting the idea, 9/11 happens, the media tears through people with words such as "TERRORISM. JIHAD. BOMBS" low and behold, we want homeland security.

It seems that the conspiracies are just conspiracies within themselves, laying out horrendous events in the hope that the public will catch hold and in turn lose trust in the governing bodies, this results, i imagine, in some kind of over throw, or at least a restructure. But what happens with a restructure, if everything is laid out for us and we can see everything being planned in plain sight, how do we battle against it?

Somewhere there is an extremely intelligent, calculated, sinister, power hungry set of bigwigs.

The thing is, I don't understand the point of it all, if, and i say if, because i'm not so sure anymore, there is only Earth with civilisation in this entire universe, where else can this be taken? it can't. thats the point. So, what else is out there? Why do these people need all this money and power? Bloodlines schmudlines. It's pointless, but it's only pointless if this is all there is.

So lads, get yer telescopes out, oh wait. NASA control the ones that are even worth entertaining, ooh, and interestingly enough, NASA was set up by Nazi scientist, Wernher von Braun. Hmm, the plot thickens.

Maybe i'm a loon, maybe i think about things too much, but surely you have to question these things? It's all just a bit. Not right?!

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