Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Burn up in the atmosphere.

Since the begining of the brief; Psycho Cities, in my mind the outcome has been that of a small scale city, built up from collected &found industrial materials; various metals, plastics, glass, or anything that has caught my eye.

Then the penny dropped, why does that have to be the end? Why must the city be the final piece?
I've started to see the city as the beginging, what can I take from this metal structure? Where can this structure be placed? What sort of reaction do I want from this object?!
I'm sure all this sounds nonsensical and ridiculous, but it makes perfect sense to me.

I really didnt want photography to be the final piece, which I guess is why I was so determined to create a structure, but then, photography is a way of manipulating the audience, the viewer see's exactley what you want them to see, they may not feel the way you intend, or even give reaction at all, but they still see exactley what you put in front of them - I would quite like to elaborate on where I'm going with this one, but I've not worked out exactley what I'm trying to get across with regards to my own body of work.

A city moves so fast, yet within the city there are areas where nothing happens for days on end, these are the areas I will explore, quiet carparks, run down old buildings, but the lighting has to be right, it has to be man made, I think?! Placing a city made from a city within a city.

Check out Carl Woolley, his work is amazing. He doesn't seem to capture much apart from silence and stillness, but combined with strong lighting, sharp shadows and a peacefullness that only seems to come at night, he creates some really beautiful photography.

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