Wednesday, 23 September 2009


BA (hons) Interdisciplinary is well under way, the first brief, fortunately for me is all about making. Titled; psycho cities, will provide evidence for the assessment of two modules - Visual studies and Materials and processes. The brief aims to draw parallels between research & recording; and the development of imagery and objects through the process of thinking, experimentation and making.

Beautiful. So, over the summer i've developed an increasing interest in numbers, line and general construction/architecture, this is going to be my starting point for this brief, to look at the construction going on within the city, along with the lack of, this will also keep in line with the theme of 'social commentary' that I developed last year.

To evidence the brief, we are to produce 2D and 3D, through photography, collage and a series of small objects. As this brief will be exhibited on Light Night, at Nation of Shopkeepers & will remain for 1 month (excitinggg) I'd quite like to run with the theme of Wonkaland, this will also tie in with the community art project that Alice and moi have got ourselves involved with (alice, we need to start working on this)

I'm hoping to produce a small scale model of Leeds, but not as we know it.

Watch this spaaaace!

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