Saturday, 20 June 2009

Closer than you think

The exhibition opened last night, which went suprisingly well, real good turn out too, it was so difficult to move around and the temperature must have been around 10,000,000 degrees. Also the wine was bad, vinegar sort of bad. However, it did take me 4 glasses to work this out ;)

I felt kinda bummed out that noone dare spin my plinth, after all the messing around to build and blag a pottery wheel from dear old diane, but this is no major issue, I along with a few others kept giving it a good whack! 

Everyone has done so well, the standard of work is solid, some really impressive artwork. It feels really really good to be part of something thats creative, something where we're all on the same level, yet so diverse. It's brilliant. I cant wait until september! Interdisciplinary BA (Hons) Yes please!

Naturally, we went for celebratory drinks, this ended up being rather messy but real good times, with real good people. 

Hurrah! 21 on tuesday, good times. 

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